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Are You Compliant?

Vosa now operate a scoring system which could put you in danger of losing your operator licence or at least having restrictions pu┬Čt against it if you dont comply with the guidlines laid down by Vosa.

Corporate responsibility puts the onus on the operator to ensure that the operation and the people involved in the operation are protected.

We carry out company audits to ensure that you stay within the quidlines of Vosa therefore being able to carry on without Vosa involvement.

The following is a quideline of what we cover. Each section has a rigorous audit carried out with recommendations noted and an action plan agreed to time scales.


  • Vehicle maintenance systems
  • Agency systems
  • Dangerous goods
  • Tachograph systems
  • Operator licence
  • Health and safety
  • JAUPT compliance
  • Training delivery
  • Mechanical handling equipment

For more in depth information please contact us and we will discuss further.


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